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Blue Hawaiian $99 an Ounce


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Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian is the hybrid strain of your dreams. It balances the effects of the sativa and indica lineage perfectly.

Speaking of lineage, it hails from the Blueberry and Hawaiian Sativa family. Created by Jordan of the Islands from Vancouver, B.C., it’s the perfect way to brighten up a dull and rainy day.


Blue Hawaiian nugs are typically light to neon green, leafy and dense. Keeping in tune with the name, Blue Hawaiian is fruity and tropical by nature. The smell resembles a fresh-pressed Pina Colada with its sweet, pineapple bouquet. Breaking open the nugs reveals a musky odour.

Flavour-wise, this strain is similar to the scent, with its sweet and tropical smoke, along with an earthy flavour upon exhaling. Blue Hawaiian is a favourite for vaporizers with its complex and fruity terpenes.

Blue Hawaiian Effects + Benefits

We all know BH scores big in the flavour department, but what about its effects?

Blue Hawaiian starts rather slowly, taking you through the motions before liftoff. But, once it takes flight, there’s no going back. Beginning with a tingle of euphoria that creeps down the spine, it soon escalates into a full-fledged dance with euphoria.

Blue Hawaiian is an artist’s best friend. It’s kin to a key that unlocks secret compartments of creativity in the user’s mind. The bliss-filled creative energy engages users into entering a world of imagination.

While the mental euphoria is top-notch, the body also joins in on the fun. It’s by no means over the top sedating, but similar to throwing on a big comfy blanket.

Those in the market for a medicinal strain have plenty to work. Its mood-altering high eases mental tension, depression and anxiety while light sedation is ideal for relieving chronic pain during the day.

Blue Hawaiian is a breath of fresh air after a tiresome fight against depression. Clear skies and summer smiles are within reach.


Flavours: Citrus, Tropical, Earth, Pine, Pungent

Effects: Happy, Energetic, Focused, Creative, Euphoric


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